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Discover the best of French home cooking

Guénaëlle loves to cook and is always creating new dishes using seasonal ingredients from both the local area and our own kitchen garden. Her cooking draws inspiration from traditional French cuisine and is also strongly influenced by the specialities of the Aveyron: Segala veal, dried and cured hams, homemade pâté, Roquefort, Cantal and local goat's cheeses all feature regularly on our evening menu.

Dinner is a set menu which changes everyday and needs to be booked in advance as it is all home-made. Depending on the day of the week we offer 2 types of set menu.

  • 'Table d'hôtes' is a unique aspect of French 'chambres d'hôtes' hospitality and is a wonderful way to enjoy excellent food and conversation.The traditional 'table d'hôtes' features an aperitif with 'canapés', a starter, a main course, local cheeses, dessert, wine, coffee or fruit/herbal teas.

  • 'Assiette Gourmande' is a simpler and lighter meal with starter, main course, dessert, wine, coffee or fruit/herbal teas.


Please let us know if there are ingredients that you won't eat. I do not cook seafood, and offal. We are pleased to be able offer vegetarian alternatives and will always try to accommodate specific dietary requirements, provided that they are discussed with us at the time of booking. Depending on the requirement there might be an additional cost.

From 8th July to the end of August, no table d'hôtes on Friday and Saturday. On Friday evening there are night market of local producers, in Belcastel and Sauveterre de Rouergue, where you can sample (tables made available) the specialties of the region.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights : Table d'hôtes, a meal shared with us and our other guestsThe apéritif is served at 7.30, outside if weather permitting. 

tomates anciennes

Set menu 


Homemade or local Apéritif


Starter, main, cheese, dessert


Wine from Gaillac, coffee, tea 

24 €/pers. (12 € children -12 ans)

pain maison

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights : Assiette Gourmande. Served at 8.00 pm, a meal shared with our other guests. 


Set menu 


Starter, main, dessert


Wine from Gaillac, coffee, tea

16 €/pers. (8 € children -12 ans)




All meals need to be booked at least 3 days in advance


Remember to reserve dinner on Sunday and Monday nights, as most local restaurants are closed.

We have a small seed bank (vegetables, salads, flowers ...) which allows guests to swap seeds and help to maintain the biodiversity of their gardens. 

Our homemade products

  • Cakes and pastries (Fouace, bread with milk, pudding ...)

  • Apéritif (blackcurrant, elderflower or elderberry kir, lemon verbena aperitif)

  • Terrine, rillette and pâté

  • Vegetables from our garden (courgette, squash, tomatoes, salads, carrots, parsnips, onions, leeks, asparagus, chard, green beans and aromatic plants ...)

  • Fruit (strawberries, rhubarb, red & black currants, blackberries, apples and plums)

Local products used

  • The flours for pastries, breads and others come from the Moulin du Castanié which still uses traditional mill stone.

  • Traditional Aveyron veal is provided by Mr. Serin.

  • The bread is made by M.Thubière a local artisan baker.

  • The Aveyron pastis and the cream of chestnut, for kir, are made in Rodez by Marius Bonal.

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